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Incomprehensible Russia – Memoirs

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  • St. Mardary (Uskokovich, +1935), the author of these Memoirs, spent years taking notes, writing and collecting articles which described events he participated in personally. This came to an end only two months before his repose in the Lord, which took place on December 12, 1935.

    The author of the literary work which you are holding in your hands was extremely gifted as a writer. His style is compared to that of a writer of historical novels, describing things in a very interesting, rich and living way. Here you will find many of his thoughts and contemplations, which are questions and answers to certain things, perhaps even more important in our own day.

    His Memoirs are in this way even more valuable, in that the reader may acquaint himself with the personal historical experience of a Serbian hieromonk and the future first Serbian Bishop of America and Canada, who at that time was studying in Imperial Russia.

    The main theme of these Memoirs is Slavophilism, which is the unity of all Slavs. It is important to know that this ideal for St. Mardary was not higher than that of the Church itself. This main idea is encouraged by numerous historical occurrences and personalities, whose effect we feel still today in one way or another.