CD: Mystical Supper – Byzantine Chant in English

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  • Mystical Supper, Boston Byzantine Choir, Charles R. Marge, Director


    1. The Great Doxology; 2. The Great Ektenia; 3. Through the Intercessions; 4. The First Little Ektenia; 5. O Son of God; 6.The Second Little Ektenia; 7. Resurrectional Troparion; 8. Come Let Us Fall Down; 9. Trisagion Hymn; 10. Cherubic Hymn; 11.The Litany of Supplication; 12. The Anaphora; 13. It is Truly Meet; 14. One is Holy; 15. Praise Ye the Lord; 16. Blessed Is He That Cometh; 17.Of Thy Mystical Supper; 18. Psalm 117; 19. We Have Seen The True Light; 20. Let Our Mouths Be Filled; 21. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord; 22. The Dismissal; 23. Him Blesses Us.


    Total Time: 60:58